Children are the flowers of life !!!
Every year children celebrate this holiday in the Turkey: the stadiums in the cities hold events with the participation of school children. Children replace government and high-ranking officials on this day. Even the president of Turkey, the prime minister of Turkey, cabinet members and governors give up their seats for children for one day. Children sign decrees and orders in the field of education and environmental protection. Also on this day, children replace the deputies of the Grand National Assembly and discuss issues relating to families’ and children affairs.

    Over the past 20 years, Turkish officials have done a great job of internationalizing the holiday, so every year children from different countries come to Turkey to take part in cultural events. These children live in Turkish families and get acquainted closer with their peers from Turkey, and also participate in a special session of the Great Assembly, contributing to the establishment of peace on the Earth. Thanks to Turkey’s activities, April 23 was recognized as International Children’s Day. Today, a five-time world chess champion from Mangistau, at the invitation of her Turkish friends from the mortal martial arts, gave a simultaneous chess session. Many children, having learned about the session, took part … The session was a success! Athletes and chess admirers spent a festive day for the glory.
After all, it was not about sporting achievements, but about friendship and the peace of children from different countries of the world! Bibisara presented the chess kit to the representatives of MMA from Turkey, having received in turn the joy of communication and feeling that we are both Turks and Kazakhs native and friendly nations! There is a confidence that the feeling of friendship and kinship will not leave our children when they become adults and take over the reins of managing the world in their hands!