The year 2019 was declared the year of tolerance in the UAE, because various ethnic groups live here together.
Bibisaru was invited to the chess school of Abu Dhabi. In this school, the young world champion from the UAE – Rouda Alserkal is studying.
Bibisara met her when she was 5 years old. And three years later, Rouda became the first girls world champion from the United Arab Emirates, and as it turned out, Bibisara’s achievements motivated the young chess player to train hard. And after the victory of Rouda at the Junior World championship, chess in Abu Dhabi became very popular and began to develop rapidly.
At the invitation of the leadership of the Chess Federation of Abu Dhabi, Bibisara gave a master class to young chess players.

“I really love such friendly events. When I shake hands with a kid chess player, I try to hand over each child a piece of Faith and Love in their own talent and luck! It is important for me to produce in every child a love for this unique and multifaceted game. After all, chess teachs how to conquer and crush the mind of an opponent without using physical strength, as the great Robert Fischer taught us!
We are Children – the future is ours! May I ask adults to support us by helping to reveal our abilities and talents. In response, we will give the world the best from what we can! ”